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espy v : catch sight of [syn: descry, spot, spy] [also: espied]

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  1. To catch sight of; to perceive with the eyes; to discover, as a distant object partly concealed, or not obvious to notice; to see at a glance; to discern unexpectedly; to spy; as, to espy land; to espy a man in a crowd.
  2. To inspect narrowly; to examine and keep watch upon; to watch; to observe.
  3. To look or search narrowly; to look about; to watch; to take notice; to spy.

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Espy may refer to:


  • Cecil Espy (born 1963), American baseball player
  • Duane Espy, American baseball figure
  • James Pollard Espy (1785-1860), American meteorologist.
  • Mike Espy (born 1953), American politician
  • William Gray Espy (born 1948), American actor
  • Willard R. Espy (1910–1999), American writer
  • M. Watt Espy and John Ortiz Smylka compiled a list of some 14634 executions under American jurisdiction (early 1600s in most states).



  • ESPY Awards, an annual awards ceremony by ESPN
  • Espy Sans, a font created by Apple Computer
  • ESPY (film), a Japanese film adaptation of Sakyo Komatsu's novel

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behold, catch, catch sight of, clap eyes on, descry, detect, discern, discover, distinguish, encounter, glimpse, have in sight, hit, identify, ken, lay eyes on, look on, look upon, make out, mark, meet with, note, notice, observe, perceive, pick out, pick up, recognize, remark, see, sense, sight, spot, spy, take in, twig, view, witness
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